Tuesday 6 September 2016

When I'm a Monster Like You, Dad!

When I'm a Monster Like You, Dad!

By David O'Connell & Francesca Gambatesa 
Published by Harper Collins 

Every little monster wants to be like his/her mummy or daddy. When I'm a Monster Like You, Dad! tells the heart warming story of wanting to be a grown-up, though being little can be just as fun and exciting! A monster of a story from new talents, David O'Connell & Francesca Gambatesa.  

Little monster can't wait to be big and bad like his big monster daddy. Though daddy monster isn't all about teaching his son to be big and bad. Instead he wants his son to use his fangs to smile instead of crunching houses and cars. And instead of using his scaly and long tail for whipping and thrashing, he prefers little monster uses it to play chase through the trees. 

This is a heart warming family story about teaching a child to embrace their childhood and not want to grow up too fast! Daddy Monster would rather his son plays and has fun as he did. David's rhyming text is subtle and full of charm, with a lovely little joke at the end. Francesca's illustrations are full of monster character and her use of colour brings each page to life. A lovely debut from a talented duo - I'll look forward to seeing more from these two in the near future! 

When I'm a Monster Like You, Dad! is available to buy now from all good bookshops and from the Harper Collins website here.

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