Thursday, 12 October 2017

Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide

Nibbles: The Dinosaur Guide

Written and Illustrated by Emma Yarlett
Published by Little Tiger Press

This is currently one of my daughter's favourite books at the moment which we like to read during the day and will often end up re-reading its predecessor, Nibbles: The Book Monster alongside it - we'll often re-read it a few times in one sitting! We enjoy lifting flaps and looking through holes, on the look out for Nibbles who is a very naughty monster who likes to chew through books and is always getting himself into a lot of trouble...

This time we find that Nibbles has nibbled, or should I say chomped, his way into a dinosaur guide book and readers must try and prevent Nibbles from falling prey to a set of ferocious jaws. There's hot-headed Triceratops, greedy Diplodocus' and scary Velociraptors among a few others. Filled with nibbled peep holes, lift-the-flaps, funny jokes and dinosaur facts, this book can be enjoyed by children ages 3 - 6 years.

This book is very funny and one that can be explored and enjoyed over and over again. Jam packed with entertaining illustrations, has Nibbles met his match when he ends up meeting the most terrible dinosaur of all - the T-Rex? Well I won't ruin the ending for you, you'll just have to catch up with this little monster yourself!

For more information on Nibbles, check out the link here
And below, Aoife pretending to be Nibbles - my cheeky little monster!

I Thought I Saw a Lion!

I Thought I Saw a Lion!

Illustrated by Lydia Nichols
Published by Templar Publishing

If looking for some chunky and interactive board books for very little ones, then I recommend checking out Lydia Nichols illustrated board book series, I Thought I Saw a Lion! and I Thought I Saw a Dinosaur! Published by Templar.

I Thought I Saw a Lion! is a beautifully illustrated small board book with sturdy sliders to reveal a cheeky lion hiding in every scene. What a naughty lion; he's in the library, at the hair dressers and even at a restaurant. 'I thought I saw a lion..' is repeated on each spread followed by 'Is it in the....' allows children to join in. Featuring a lovely warm colour palette with a screen printed effect and some nice character design, it also has a nice retro feel. 

For ages 0 - 3 years, little ones will love trying to spot this cheeky lion. 

100 Christmas Colouring Book

100 Christmas Colouring Book

Illustrations by Dominka Lipniewska
Published by Tate Publishing

Is it too early to be reviewing a Christmas themed book? Well yes, it probably is but I love all things Christmassy, much to the disgust of my husband (bah humbug to him!). So I was rather excited to receive this large Christmas themed colouring book from Tate Publishing.

This fun and festive book is filled with Dominka Lipniewska's bold graphic style. Featuring double page spreads jam packed with lots of Christmas characters, festive animals, festive food, decorations and a whole lot more.
With chunky outlined shapes, it would make good practice for little fingers to practice colouring within the lines - I have yet to test that with my 3 year old! Or good for tracing.
There is also a page at the back which suggests activities for children, such as spotting and counting  items within the book.

This would make a great little stocking filler or to keep small and big people busy when the cold and dark winter nights roll in. Hopefully I'll get a look in and Aoife won't hog it!
Link to Tate Publishing, is here

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Colours and Animals

Colours and Animals

Illustrations by Britta Teckentrup
Published by Templar Publishing

Templar Publishing have recently released a beautiful series of board books, featuring retro-styled illustrations by Britta Teckentrup. The series also includes Opposites, First Words, Animal 123 and Animal Spots and Stripes.

Colours includes gentle rhyming text which asks the child to spot a coloured item on the opposite page. The text page is the colour of the selected colour to spot and this 'colour' word is also printed larger and in bold. The opposite pages have a screen printed effect and large, evenly spread out illustrations on. Aimed at children, 2 years and up, they will be able to spot butterflies, teddy bears, fish, pencils, tractors and lizards all in a beautiful range of colours.

Animals is presented in a similar format with text on one side and screen printed illustrations on the opposite. Each page spread introduces a mummy animal and asks children to find her baby on the other side. The animals are beautifully illustrated and clear in what they are. I love the colour palettes for both books, which makes them stand out from other board books with similar themes. 

At the end of both books there is an additional question, which ask the child to either spot something that they've not seen before or which mummy has the most babies - this is a nice way to end the book on. 
A beautiful, colourful and bold, board book series featuring cute animal characters - what more is there not to love!!

Jon Burgerman's Daily Doodle

Jon Burgerman's Daily Doodle

By Jon Burgerman
Published by Laurence King Publishing

For young budding artists out there, great pieces of art can often start from just a doodle! Jon Burgerman has recently released a daily doodle book to encourage everyone to have fun drawing and to remember that it's not important to be perfect - this is a starting point for your own discoveries.

He provides instructions and tips to create your own super doodles from food, animals, robots, people, transport to some really random subjects. The book consists of mostly black and white pages but in the middle, there's a selection of subjects with brightly coloured examples and a few neon colours that makes the doodles pop from the page. 

Daily Doodle is inspired by Jon's popular Snapchat Daily Doodle - He encourages you to share your doodles online with #dailydoodlebook. You can also find stickers at the back. There's a crazy collection of ideas, but it looks super fun and I think you'll find yourself wanting to join in!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Dinosaurs United and the Cowardly Custard Pirate Crew

Dinosaurs United and the Cowardly Custard 
Pirate Crew

Text by Sam Hay
Illustrations by Daron Parton
Published by Egmont Publishing

For children that love football, dinosaurs and pirates, this picture book nearly has it all... Oh wait, there's even a dinosaur head mask!! When the football kit goes missing, can the dino team find their kit, defeat those cowardly pirates and win the match?

Meet Dinosaurs United, a five-a-side football team in the Fantasy Football League. They're up against the Cowardly Custard Pirate Crew but someone has stolen their football kit. Those dastardly pirates have hidden them but have left clues and a treasure map. The dinosaurs have to use their football skills to defeat the traps and pirate attacks, but not to worry they manage to do it just in the nick of time when the referee's whistle blows. The pirates make a quick retreat back to their ship making Dinosaurs United the cup winners.  

Big, bold and colourful, with fun illustrations, this is looking like it will be the start of an exciting new series. I believe its more aimed at boys, for ages 3+ however that didn't stop Aoife enjoying the dinosaurs and pirates, the football terms were a little lost on her at the moment.

For more information on the new series, check out the Egmont Publishing site here.

British Museum First Concepts + British Museum: Mummy

British Museum First Concepts Series 

British Museum: Mummy

Published by Nosy Crow

I was lucky to receive a selection of board books from Nosy Crow, a while back, who have been working with the British Museum in an exclusive partnership to create a range of children's books. As stated in their book description; the books draw on the British Museum's internationally recognised brand, its unparalleled collection of objects and its world class expertise.

British Museum First Concepts is a range of board books; 123, ABC, Opposites and Colours, all aimed at 0+ years. 

The 123 board book goes up to the number 20 and displays beautiful and interesting collections; from drawings and paintings of butterflies and geese, to mini fish and horse statues to a collection of odd looking hats among many more. With blocks of background colour, the objects are displayed clearly and allows the number and written number to stand out.  
The ABC book is displayed in a similar format and works just as well. Each letter is shown in upper and lower case with the word of the object displayed. 

There's a lovely high quality to this collection that makes them stand out from other ABC/123 books. Though aimed at age 0+, Aoife loves looking through this and talking about the objects shown. It's made me want to take her to the British Museum and try and find the items!

Each book in this series also offers a QR code at the back of the book for parents to scan on their smart phone to find out more about the objects displayed within the book.

Mummy is another board book, and part of The British Museum collection, with large lift-the-flaps and that offers an early introduction into ancient Egyptian life. The book follows a little girl who is looking for her mummy in different locations; market, River Nile, pond, tomb etc. With repetition of 'Where's my mummy?' per page, little ones are encouraged to join in and help look for the little girl's lost mummy.

I was surprised by the hieroglyphs under each flap but it's a nice touch and a good discussion point with toddlers about other languages and symbols. With pretty illustrations that are simple but work really nicely with the theme - a lovely addition to the collection.

For more information on the Early Concept series, please click here.