Monday, 31 July 2017

Welcome to London

Welcome to London

Illustrated by Marcos Farina
Published by Button Books

Thinking of taking the children into London this summer holiday? Then check this book out before you do! Welcome to Marcos Farina's vision of London; he explores most well-known landmarks, offers interesting facts, and suggests activities and things to look out for when in the capital. A beautiful book that will make you want to visit London!

With beautiful end papers, there's so much beautiful imagery to explore per page, I think you will continue to find something new each time you open this book. This delightful book references a variety of transport, people, locations and well known buildings, there's even a few film references that show London. I like the spread that explored the different bridges that can be found and trees in Hyde Park. And if you plan to visit the History Museum, there's a reference to the new blue whale exhibition that replaced the Dippy the Diplodocus within the entrance.

I like how the illustrations include a variety of different coloured people, shapes and animals to represent the diversity of people that live and visit London; it allows the illustrator to keep his limited colour palette and works well. You can see that the illustrator has a Graphic Design background; good character design, bold and colourful, each spread is varied in its composition and layout. My daughter is a little too young for this book at the moment, which I'm selfishly glad about as I might keep this one all for myself!

You can find out more information here about the illustrator and book.