Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Scary Bingo - Game

Scary Bingo

Illustrations by Rob Hodgson
Magma for Laurence King

I'm excited to review something a little different today! Scary Bingo, an easy to play game with lots of crazy characters. For 3-7 players, this is a game for the family.

Aoife has been eyeing this game up all week and was desperate to play it and it didn't disappoint her! 

There are two games that you can play:

Game 1 - You select someone to be the caller who gets the big game board and assembles the monster box for the character cards to sit in. All other players select a bingo card each.
The caller will select a random spooky character and call its name out. If a player has that character, they will select a token and cover that character.
The aim is to mark all your monsters on your bingo card. Once complete, the player must shout 'Scary Bingo' to win.

Game 2 - Another way to play the game, which could be faster, players could focus on marking off five of the characters in just one line on your bingo card (horizontal, vertical or diagonal).

With there being 8 double sided bingo cards to choose from, and with 25 monsters on each side, I thought the game would take a while to play and that Aoife would lose interest, but it was far from it! Once we got started we enjoyed taking about the monsters that I was calling out and Aoife loved checking her bingo card getting more excited when her bingo card was filling up. I can't wait to play this with more players, maybe a monster theme party/playdate for October.. 

The monster characters are fun, and crazy looking, some even cute. I didn't find them to be too scary and Aoife liked to talk about them pointing out the funny looking ones. It was easy to set up and the rules were short and clear, and easy to understand for little ones. My only little worry would be how long the monster box will last with the assembling and disassembling after each game, so I would recommend a parent take charge of that. Overall a great spooky (& kooky) little game!