Sunday, 31 January 2016

I love you more and more

I love you more and more

Written by Nicky Benson
 Illustrated by Jonny Lambert
Published by Little Tiger Press

I love you more and more is a beautiful book that celebrates the love and the special relationship between a parent and child. Recommended for ages 3+, this tall format book would make a lovely gift especially for a new parent.

Bear leads his cub on a journey, exploring the world together through starlit nights, past misty mountains, waterfalls and rivers and shows him just how much he is loved.

The above photo is one of my favourite spreads from this adorable little book - each page is lovely with super sweet illustrations that features other animals and their babies. It has lyrical rhyming text that works well with the lovely pictures. 

I love you more and more is a sweet and charming book - something to read to your little one to show them just how much they are loved! Available in all good book shops and online here.

Monkey and the Little One

Monkey and the Little One

By Charlie Alexander
Published by EGMONT

Monkey and the Little One is a sweet and touching story about the value of friendship (and jam sandwiches). 

Meet Monkey, he loves his quiet life, reading books and swimming in the cool lake until one day the Little One turned up. Monkey didn't know where the Little One had come from but he didn't want his company. "Please go away," said Monkey but the Little One doesn't understand monkey-speak. 

The Little One starts following Monkey everywhere and copying everything that Monkey does. The Little One wants to share Monkey's jungle and life but Monkey just wants to be left alone. It isn't long before he has had enough and shouts at the Little One to go away, who finally understands that he is not wanted. Monkey is soon left alone but it doesn't feel the same. After finding the Little One's pot of jam and loaf, and wondering what the Little One will eat, Monkey knows he has to find the Little One. 

This charming picture book is a warm-hearted tale about the importance of friendship. It would also be a good book that can help prepare children for the arrival of a new sibling. 

The illustrations are sweet with lovely colours and cute characters - I love Monkey's cute expressions especially when he's getting fed up with the Little One copying him. 

Monkey and the Little One is recommended for ages 3+ and is available in all good book shops.

The Adventures of Water

The Adventures of Water

Written by Malcolm Rose
 Designed by Sean Sims

Published by Egmont

The Adventures of Water is a fun and an informative book, with flaps, pull tabs and pop-ups - it sure is an adventure! It brings an interactive approach to the fascinating journey of the water cycle.

Water, water, everywhere! Water has been here for millions of years and there's a lot.. over 70% of Earth's surface is covered in water however less than 1% of the water on Earth is available as drinking water! There's some fascinating facts within this book and adults will find it just as interesting as children. Topics include Sky to Earth, Into the Body and Out Again, Escape to the River, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and finally, Going Round and Round.

Wow, this book is well made and designed. It's bright, colourful and offers lots of interactive options,  it makes learning about water fun. Recommended for ages 6+, children and adults will enjoy exploring this watery adventure. There's also some fun facts at the back of the book and a helpful Glossary (to help out adults explain a few terms!).

Have fun and splash your way through this interactive adventure - there will be a follow up book, The Adventures of Earth, coming out in June this year.

Where's the Elephant?

Where's the Elephant?

By Barroux
Published by Egmont

What an interesting and moving book to start of the New Year - Where's the Elephant? starts as a spot the animal book but soon turns into something quite significant, a story about endangered animals and their habitats.

There are three animals to spot within the forest but as you turn more pages, trees are being chopped down and houses are sprouting up. It soon becomes easier to spot the animals especially when they end up in the zoo. There is a slight happy ending as the animals do escape and find a new home.

Barroux explains the story behind the book at the end - after a visit to Brazil and witness to the rainforest being set on fire to clear the way for soybean production, he wanted an idea to talk about deforestation, it was Where's Wally? that inspired him.

I like Barroux's style of illustration, it works well for this serious topic. I was rather moved by this book and though sad, young children may not fully understand the meaning and the reason for the animals to lose their habitat though they will enjoy looking for the animals. I would recommend this book for 5 years and upwards as I believe they would have a better understanding. I think its a good idea to make children aware, its such an important issue which has led to endangered animals and their disappearing habitats.

Where's the Elephant? is an almost wordless picture book with an important message - a unique book! Available in all good bookshops.

Traffic Jam / Animal Parade

Traffic Jam / Animal Parade

By Aino-Maija Metsola
Published by Wide Eyed Editions

Have you heard of Wide Eyed Editions - they create some truly stunning non-fiction books that encourage curiosity about the world we live in. Classic themes are presented simply but in high quality formats that look and feel like beautiful objects. Traffic Jam and Animal Parade are part of the  Learning Garden series which also features Counting and Colours.

The Traffic Jam puzzle book helps children to learn what "in front" and "behind" mean using things that go. This book features a tractor, bus, truck, bicycle, fire engine and a traffic light, items that are easily recognisable to young children. There are 6 reversible puzzle pieces which are large and easy to handle, they can also be stored easily within the chunky book. The illustrations and colours are bold and stylish.

The Animal Parade puzzle book helps children to learn what "bigger" and "smaller" mean using a range of animals, such as a butterfly, fish, parrot, monkey, lion and an elephant. This is just as stylish as Traffic Jam, Animal Parade was a hit with Aoife, who loved pulling out the puzzle pieces and placing them back in. A little too young yet to understand the meaning of bigger and smaller but I don't think it will be long!

These are simple first concept books that are stylish and colourful. And if you have a little one that isn't showing a strong interest in books yet, then these puzzle books could be a great option and a way to help make learning fun. Available soon in all good book shops and online.