Monday, 9 November 2015

Bigger and Bigger

Bigger and Bigger
Animals, Wheels & Dinosaurs

Written by Moira Butterfield
Illustrated by Bella Bee
Published by Milly & Flynn

Milly & Flynn have just released this lovely hardback series called Bigger and Bigger. The series currently includes Animals, Wheels and Dinosaurs which all feature pages that increase in size with each turn of page. With clear, recognisable animals, dinosaurs and vehicles, children will love pointing out the different things.

Animals starts off with a little mouse warning a bird not to chase him as just around the corner is his bigger friend. With each page, each animal meets a bigger animal and warns them that their friend is much bigger. But when they meet Elephant, he's scared of Mouse but Mouse just wants them all to be friends.

Dinosaurs features Dinky Dino who just wants to reach some tasty leaves to eat but he's too small. He meets lots of bigger dinosaurs all eating different coloured leaves but he just can't reach until he meets the biggest Dinosaur, his Daddy, who pulls down some yummy leaves for him and tells Dinky Dino that one day he will be as big as him.

Wheels features Billy on his bike who is overtaken by a motorcycle, a sports car, a van and a tractor but when they all become stuck behind a broken down truck, there's only enough room for Billy and his bike to get pass. Sometimes its good to be the smallest.

Aoife enjoyed sitting down and exploring these books and found them easy to turn with the different sized pages. I read them out loud but would also point out the different vehicles and animals and used the Dinosaur book to explore colours with her.

I really like the colour gradient on the outside and the different animals, dinosaurs and vehicles peeking out. Each one features a fun rhythmic story with happy endings and a sweet message. 

With bright colours and cute characters, the Bigger and Bigger series is ideal for ages between 1- 4 years. For more information visit Milly & Flynn.