Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tickly Fish & Friends

Tickly Fish & Friends!

By Mandy Stanley

Another fab title supplied from Top That Publishing. When this came in the post, I nearly gave myself a fright by catching the pink furry tummy button - A loud ‘tickling’ laugh echoed out of the envelope! I had received Tickly Fish & Friends, a bright and colourful sound book, about a tickly fish and her underwater friends who all have tickly tummies.

This book comes from the author/illustrator, Mandy Stanley, who also writes and illustrates the wonderful Lettice series of picture books. The illustrations in Tickly Fish are bold, colourful and they work perfectably with the words and story.

This is a lovely way of introducing under water sea life and with the repetition of being asked ‘Who’s tickling his/her tum?’, it allows the child to look ahead and guess the new animal which can be then followed by tickling the animal’s tummy, and pushing the button to hear their laughing.

A solid book with wipeable cover and pages for little grubby hands, which is always a good thing (as I'm sure I will soon experience with only 5 weeks to go!). I can imagine ending this book with… who’s tickling baby’s tummy?

Tickly Fish & Friends is available to buy in bookshops and from the Top That Publishing website.

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