Friday, 16 May 2014

Bizzy Bear: Happy Holiday

Bizzy Bear: Happy Holiday

By Benji Davies
 Published by Nosy Crow

There’s a total of 11 books within the Bizzy Bear series, published by Nosy Crow, and this little fun slider book, Bizzy Bear Happy Holiday is definitely for the vehicle mad toddlers.

Bizzy Bear is going on holiday and to do that Bizzy Bear has to travel by taxi, train and a plane. Along the way, there’s lots of other types of transport to spot within the bright and colourful illustrations. Benji Davies doesn't disappoint with his cute animal illustrations and his attention to detail on all modes of transportation - making each vehicle recognisable and even cute to look at!

Even if there weren’t any moving sliders, there’s so many things to look for within the pictures. Of course, the sliding and push and pull parts offer little ones more fun and enjoyment in making Bizzy Bear move. A great sturdy little book which could easily accompany any little one on their own travels.

Bizzy Bear: Happy Holiday is available to buy in bookshops and on the Nosy Crow website.


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