Sunday, 7 December 2014

Little Big Boubo

Little Big Boubo

By Beatrice Alemagna
Published by Tate Publishing

Little Big Boubo is the latest book from award-winning illustrator Beatrice Alemagna, who has had 29 books published to date. This charming book offers a tender and humorous reflection on the delightful age of toddlerhood.

Meet Boubo, he’s eager to prove that he’s no longer a baby anymore! Boubo can already ride a bike, has big eyes, a big boy’s nose and four big teeth. He only has to wear a nappy one day a week (like adults!) and can even walk backwards without almost falling over. He’s not scared of heights, and can order his own meal at a restaurant - but never has peas!  

This isn’t your usual brightly coloured picture book. Beatrice uses her familiar style of collage and pencil to create illustrations filled with warmth and charm. Even the unusually small book size adds to its charm and allows small hands to handle it with ease. 

There are lots of things to explore on every spread. Beatrice's attention to detail throughout the book is directed to keep children focused on everything from the text to the expertly layed out illustrations. With numerous things to count like people in queues and fruit lined up on a wall. There's also an emphasis on size throughout the book. Boubo's big bike (with very large wheels), the tiny ladybird on Boubo's nose when he's stressing he has a 'big boy's nose and the towering size of his mother who appears at the end of the book. 

Of course the biggest thing in this book isn't Boubo, it's the love his mother has for him and you can't get any bigger than that! Little Big Boubo is available to buy now in the Tate bookshop and on their online store.

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