Sunday, 31 January 2016

Monkey and the Little One

Monkey and the Little One

By Charlie Alexander
Published by EGMONT

Monkey and the Little One is a sweet and touching story about the value of friendship (and jam sandwiches). 

Meet Monkey, he loves his quiet life, reading books and swimming in the cool lake until one day the Little One turned up. Monkey didn't know where the Little One had come from but he didn't want his company. "Please go away," said Monkey but the Little One doesn't understand monkey-speak. 

The Little One starts following Monkey everywhere and copying everything that Monkey does. The Little One wants to share Monkey's jungle and life but Monkey just wants to be left alone. It isn't long before he has had enough and shouts at the Little One to go away, who finally understands that he is not wanted. Monkey is soon left alone but it doesn't feel the same. After finding the Little One's pot of jam and loaf, and wondering what the Little One will eat, Monkey knows he has to find the Little One. 

This charming picture book is a warm-hearted tale about the importance of friendship. It would also be a good book that can help prepare children for the arrival of a new sibling. 

The illustrations are sweet with lovely colours and cute characters - I love Monkey's cute expressions especially when he's getting fed up with the Little One copying him. 

Monkey and the Little One is recommended for ages 3+ and is available in all good book shops.

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