Sunday, 22 May 2016

Harold's Hungry Eyes

Harold's Hungry Eyes

By Kevin Waldron
Published by Phaidon

As part of the Harold's Hungry Eyes blog tour, here's my post. This is Kevin Waldron's fourth children's book, but his first with Phaidon. Meet Harold, an urban dog who, like other dogs, loves food but likes to imagine food in the most unlikely of places.

Harold has a routine; he eats his food, licking his bowl clean, followed by a walk and then returns home to his comfy chair where he dreams of delicious food. Harold loves his chair nearly as much as he loves food. However, one morning, his chair has disappeared, Harold searches everywhere before spotting it outside and being collected by the bin me. He squeezes out of the window to race after the truck but his little legs are no match for the big wheels of the truck. Harold soon finds himself lost wondering the streets, with a rumbling tummy, he soon starts imaging food around the city; a roast chicken in the post box, a fridge at the back of a lorry, even a pie instead of a clock. Luckily Harold soon spots a familiar sight and finds his way back home. After enjoying his breakfast, he can't believe his eyes, there's a new chair and it's perfect.

Kevin Waldron has truly captured the characteristics of this adorable breed of dog, the way they sit and look, I love it. He's also managed to capture the busyness of the city and the overwhelming feeling of being lost for little Harold. There's a looseness to the illustration which works well especially with the addition of food collage - I can imagine children will enjoy pointing out the random placed food. It's a stylish book with touches of humour that dog lovers will enjoy. 

Harold's Hungry Eyes is available to buy from Phaidon here. Check out the rest of the blog tour from the banner on the right of my blog!

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