Monday, 17 October 2016



By Ben Newman 
Published by Flying Eye Books

I'm a huge fan of Ben's work, so to find out he was creating a new picture book for Flying Eye was a nice surprise. Ben's latest book is firmly back on earth and is about a little mouse that's the bravest animal there ever was...

BOO! introduces us to a whole cast of colourful characters in this debut picture book from Ben Newman. But who is scarier than who? The story starts with a very brave mouse who claims she is the bravest animal there is. But she is soon scared off by a bigger and braver owl. The owl then proclaims he is the bravest and wisest animal there is - that is until a monkey comes along and scares the owl off. With each spread comes a bigger and fiercer animal, that is until our cover star appears again and scares the biggest animal straight off the page. Bigger doesn't always mean braver!

This is a beautiful picture book. Filled with Ben's signature style, he uses bold colours and shapes to create engaging characters that just pop off the pages. A really fun read before bed time that's sure to get a giggle at the end of the story.

I always enjoy a well crafted endpaper and these endpapers are cleverly thought out. The cover of the book has die-cut circles in the title and when you open the book up it reveals a very scary crocodile! The endpapers at the back reveal the cast of characters showing who scares who - although the next line shows what happens when a certain little rodent intervenes.

Another great title from the folks at Flying Eye books that will keep young and old entertained. BOO! is available to buy at all good booksellers and on the Flying Eye Books website here.

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