Thursday, 14 September 2017

Dinosaurs United and the Cowardly Custard Pirate Crew

Dinosaurs United and the Cowardly Custard 
Pirate Crew

Text by Sam Hay
Illustrations by Daron Parton
Published by Egmont Publishing

For children that love football, dinosaurs and pirates, this picture book nearly has it all... Oh wait, there's even a dinosaur head mask!! When the football kit goes missing, can the dino team find their kit, defeat those cowardly pirates and win the match?

Meet Dinosaurs United, a five-a-side football team in the Fantasy Football League. They're up against the Cowardly Custard Pirate Crew but someone has stolen their football kit. Those dastardly pirates have hidden them but have left clues and a treasure map. The dinosaurs have to use their football skills to defeat the traps and pirate attacks, but not to worry they manage to do it just in the nick of time when the referee's whistle blows. The pirates make a quick retreat back to their ship making Dinosaurs United the cup winners.  

Big, bold and colourful, with fun illustrations, this is looking like it will be the start of an exciting new series. I believe its more aimed at boys, for ages 3+ however that didn't stop Aoife enjoying the dinosaurs and pirates, the football terms were a little lost on her at the moment.

For more information on the new series, check out the Egmont Publishing site here.

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