Thursday, 12 October 2017

I Thought I Saw a Lion!

I Thought I Saw a Lion!

Illustrated by Lydia Nichols
Published by Templar Publishing

If looking for some chunky and interactive board books for very little ones, then I recommend checking out Lydia Nichols illustrated board book series, I Thought I Saw a Lion! and I Thought I Saw a Dinosaur! Published by Templar.

I Thought I Saw a Lion! is a beautifully illustrated small board book with sturdy sliders to reveal a cheeky lion hiding in every scene. What a naughty lion; he's in the library, at the hair dressers and even at a restaurant. 'I thought I saw a lion..' is repeated on each spread followed by 'Is it in the....' allows children to join in. Featuring a lovely warm colour palette with a screen printed effect and some nice character design, it also has a nice retro feel. 

For ages 0 - 3 years, little ones will love trying to spot this cheeky lion. 

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