Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Queen's Hat

The Queen's Hat

By Steve Antony
Published by Hachette Childrens Books

The Queen’s Hat, from the debut author-illustrator, Steve Antony,  is an exhilarating London adventure that all starts when a big gust of wind swipes the Queen’s hat from the top of her Royal head. With the Queen, her corgi, guardsmen and butler in tow, its a fun adventure across London to catch that hat!

This picture book features simplistic line drawings and light shading, all in red, black and blue, which makes each page spread rather striking, and gives off a touristy London charm.

It features popular London landmarks, that if any child who has visited London, or if lives there, will clearly recognise… and if you haven’t visited London, this is a great little introduction to the city and Royal family. From just opening this book I was overcome by the same charm that Miroslav Sasek's, This is London succeeded at - and of course made his 'This is...' series of books classics, which I have no doubt Steve Antony will also achieve.

The illustrations of Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace are beautifully rendered and so detailed that the Queen herself would approve! 

Overall the story is fun and simple, but its the illustrations that will make the young and old enjoy this book …there’s even a slight reference to Mary Poppins which made me smile. 

Though this is a picture book, the stylish illustrations, eye catching front cover and gorgeous end papers would make this a great addition to any book shelf, coffee table, book box, classroom…need I go on?

The Queen’s Hat is available to buy now in bookshops and from the Hachette Childrens Books website.

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