Friday, 8 August 2014

The Best Book in the World!

The Best Book in the World

By Rilla Alexander
Published by Flying Eye Books

Have you ever read a book that’s too good to be put down? We certainly couldn't put this down after reading it several times. The Best Book in the World! is a great introduction into the wonderful world of books and stories, an ode to reading!

This book isn’t about being the best but about finding that one book that sucks you in to another world, the pageturner, a book that grips you until that very last page! For me, The Best Book in the World! isn't quite a picture book in the traditional sense - it feels like a celebration of a child's imagination when they read a book. And that's something that's being lost in today's world of smart phones, tablets and computer games. Hopefully it will encourage children to read more and use their imaginations.


This colourful book looks at the different ways of reading following a little girl that's completely engrossed within her book. As the day continues, creatures start to appear… are we seeing characters from the book she’s reading or is her book so good that she’s not noticing these weird and quirky things following her?

The Best Book in the World! is the second picture book to come from the fantastic Austrailan illustrator Rilla Alexander. Rilla has a graphic design background whose work has appeared on everything from toys and tea cups to buses and buildings. The Best Book in the World! is her latest book which stars her alter-ego Sozi. As you can see from the pictures, each page is awash with colour - with every spread using a limited colour palette which sets off Rilla's illustrations beautifully. I love how she has used different colour palettes throughout the book with the colours starting bright and slowly getting darker as the day goes by until eventually its time for bed...

For me this is a treasure of a book. It has beautiful design and it's sentiment is at the heart of children's literature. It will be quite at home on any childrens bookshelf, design house or school library. The Best Book in the World! is available to buy online, in bookshops and on the Flying Eye Books website.

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