Thursday, 4 September 2014

Sam And Dave Dig A Hole

Sam And Dave Dig A Hole

By Jon Klassen & Mac Barnett
Published by Walker Books

Do you remember the days of playing outside and digging for the fun of it? Or in my case wanting a swimming pool... well in SAM & DAVE DIG A HOLE (the title says it all), there are two little boys (Sam and Dave) who decide to dig a hole and keep digging until they find something spectacular. 

This is the second book that Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett have worked on together, the first being Extra Yarn, a magical tale about a little girl who cocoons her cold, grey town in joy, warmth and brightly coloured yarn! And this book has just the same magical charm as the first. Jon Klassen’s distinctive style (using a more pencil shaded texture here compared to his previous work) and soft muted colours adds so much more to the story. The humour in this book is achieved by seeing how the boys keep changing direction underground, thus missing the treasures they seek. Oblivious to their missed out treasures, their little dog hints at where they should dig next, but the boys ignore his inklings and carry on digging. The boys dig until they are exhausted and finally decide to rest (after finishing their hot chocolate and animal biscuits of course). But their canine companion has other ideas and carries on digging as he's sniffed out his very own treasure. But what happens if you dig a deep hole and keep digging... where does it end? Before they know it they’re all falling like little Alice in Alice in Wonderland into... well, I wouldn't want to ruin it for you!

This really is a charming little book, which will remind you of your childhood of playing outside in the hot summer days looking for adventures. I adore the little dog and cat within this book; the dog, who has joined the boys on their mission is a perfect companion for any hole digging adventure. While the little cat just looks on at the beginning and at the end of the boys adventure, not at all amused. 

Another classic from Jon & Mac. Perfect for younger readers and any fans of Jon Klassen. And remember boys and girls, if you want to dig for treasure, remember to check with the grown up whose garden it belongs to!

This little treasure will be available from the 2nd October on Walker Books or from all good bookshops.

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