Monday, 1 September 2014

The New Small Person

The New Small Person

Written & illustrated by Lauren Child
Published by Puffin

Lauren Child is back! With a much anticipated new picture book featuring a new character, Elmore Green. Isn’t life great when you’re an only child? You have your own room, your own toys and your parents all to yourself! But then everything changes with the new arrival of a sibling!

Elmore is happy with the way things are; he can watch his favourite cartoons, line his toys up his way and eat his favourite jelly beans in any order he likes. And his parents think he’s the funniest and the most adorable person they have ever seen until one day, everything changes when a small little person arrives. 

Elmore is not impressed, people seem to like this little person more than him. This new person doesn’t like his cartoons and knocks over his toys and even licks his jelly beans! When he goes to his parents and asks for it to go back to wherever it came from, he’s told its not possible. What will Elmore do? It’s a lovely story about how Elmore comes around to liking this small little person and why it can sometimes be good to have another person to play with, watch telly with and share sweets - though not his favourite orange jelly beans.    

Lauren has over 35 books, though I believe she is most known for Charlie and Lola or Clarice Bean, That’s Me, her first ever book. The New Small Person is illustrated in Lauren’s classic style of collage, it’s witty and a throughly enjoyable read, it’s definitely a great book for any child who has a new small person in their life. This will hopefully help them learn the benefits of having a sibling, though it may not always seem like that at the time! 

The New Small Person will be available from Puffin on 4th September.

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