Friday, 7 November 2014

Max the Brave

Max the Brave

By Ed Vere
Published by Puffin

I adore kittens and Max from Max the Brave is no exception. He’s cute, sweet and people like to dress him up in ribbons which Max hates, as would any kitten (especially if you’re a boy!). Max is another lovable character from the author/illustrator of Ed Vere. And with all his zany creations, Max is just as big and bold as Mr Big, Fingers McGraw and Sam Bungle.  

Max is fearless, Max is brave and Max is a kitten that chases mice, but before he can do that, Max just needs to find out what a Mouse looks like! We join Max on his search for Mouse, but it would be hard for anyone to find something that they didn’t know what to look for. Max comes across a fly, a fish, birds, even an elephant! And when he does finally come across Mouse, Mouse tells Max he’s a monster and sends Max on his way towards a sleeping, ugly, giant monster (you might recognise this certain monster from another Ed Vere book) Uh Oh, poor Max, will he escape the monster?

This minimalistic style of the fuss free illustrations, which is Ed Vere’s signature style, is visually striking. With bright and bold coloured pages and no backgrounds, your eye is immediately drawn to Max and his expressive eyes. Ed has also captured all the charming characteristics you associate with kittens perfectly - especially the way they pounce on their prey (you’ll love the spread of him jumping on the sleeping monster for the first time!). Adults and kids will adore Max and you’ll be rooting for him to catch that cheeky Mouse (or is it a monster?).

And I have it on good authority that this is not the last that we'll see of Max. Watch out for my interview with Ed Vere popping up on the blog very soon! Max the Brave is available to buy in all good bookshops and on the Puffin website.

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