Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Where Bear?

Where Bear?

By Sophy Henn
Published by Puffin


Where Bear? is Sophy Henn’s first picture book and what a lovely book it is! This is a tale of a little boy and a bear, of friendship, finding where home is and knowing when to let go. 

This adorable book is about a bear cub who once lived with a little boy, but when this bear grew and grew and grew into a big bear and did things that big bears do (eating lots of food, bathing in ponds and roaring), the boy knows its time to find a new place for the bear to live where he can be bearish and big. But where? 

The boy and the bear visit lots of different places; a toy shop - but these bears are the stuffed kind, the zoo - but this ends up making bear sad. They also try the circus, the woods, a cave and even a jungle - but nothing is right. You may have noticed that Bear, isn’t your run of the mill normal brown bear, he is a white bear… or to be more precise, a POLAR BEAR! And where do polar bears like to live? The Arctic of course! But don’t worry, even the long distance can’t stop them from being the best of friends. 

This is another book with cute endpapers adorned with hiding, roaring and jumping out bears. The pages are simply illustrated, with mostly solid colour backgrounds or limited use of colour, which allows the eye to be drawn to the two main characters. The boy and the bear are very cute with their big eyes and you won’t be able to not root for them in finding the right home for bear. Where Bear? is simple, moving, and fun all rolled into one lovely picture book! You and your little ones will love this boy and bear’s journey in finding a place called home.  

Where Bear? is available in all good bookshops and from the Puffin website. Up next, my beartastic interview with the extremeley cuddly Sophy Henn!

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