Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A White Butterfly

A White Butterfly

By Laurie Cohen & illustrated by Barbara Ortelli  
Published by Minedition

This very simple and beautiful board book comes from independent publisher, Minedition. In A White Butterly we are introduced to all different coloured butterflies; blue butterflies that are blue like the sea, pink that are like sweets and yellow butterflies that are like the sun. 

Not all the butterflies in the book are quite as colourful as these. There are butterflies as grey as stone, black as the night and all white butterflies that are as white as snowflakes. You would think that a white butterfly is pretty plain, but when it gets wet something amazing happens, it reflects all the colours of the rainbow. 

The book itself is a rounded corner board book with glossy pages - perfect for wiping clean after small sticky fingers! The majority of the illustrations are presented on white, making the colourful butterflies jump off the pages. The art looks like its a mixture of paint and collage, and reminded me of the work of the wonderful Eric Carle. I particularly liked the interactive die-cut butterfly at the end of the book which lets through the rainbow on the next page. It's also there to encourage children to place their own patterns or textures to create their very own unique butterflies! 

Overall A White Butterly is a lovely simple book for younger children to learn about different coloured butterflies and how it relates to the world around them. A White Butterly is available to buy now in good bookshops and online.

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