Thursday, 14 May 2015

The First Slodge

The First Slodge

By Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Jenni Desmond  
Published by Little Tiger Press

This new picture book from Jeanne Willis and Jenni Desmond winds back the clock to the beginning of time, where a creature called a 'Slodge' is discovering the world for the first time. The first sunrise, the first sunset, the first star and the first moon. And as it discovers it it also starts to lay claim on everything it comes across too. Mine, mine, mine! But that doesn't last long...

The First Slodge discovers that her fruit has had a second bite taken out of it and before long a Second Slodge is on the scene. And so the arguments start and the fighting (in this case the first ever fight) over the fruit ensues. With a fight throwing the fruit down a hill, a chase after it begins. 

But the fruit ends up in the sea and the First Slodge dives after it, only to find that the sea is also occupied by a more terrifying creature (called The First Snawk) than the Second Slodge, who wants to eat the First Slodge for its supper! Luckily the Second Slodge comes to the rescue and through this act of kindness the Slodges kiss and make up.

I loved this original take on the sharing fable and how it teaches its reader that the world belongs to everyone. Jenni's illustrations are beautifully rendered in pencil and watercolour and really bring The First Slodge to life. A great read for teaching children early on that sharing is very important, especially when it comes to being a good sibling or friend! The First Slodge is available to buy from all good bookshops and on the Little Tiger Press website.

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