Thursday, 7 July 2016

A Summer Splash with Little Tiger Press

I would like to say a huge thank you to Little Tiger Press, for inviting Aoife and I, to join them and celebrate their summer book releases at the weekend. We had a lovely time meeting the authors and illustrators, learning about what inspired their stories, the length it can take for a book to come out and about all the little bits that goes on behind the scenes at Little Tiger. There were fun activities for the children, face painting and dress up, we loved it, especially Aoife who was a very tired little girl by the end. Keeping with a summer splash theme, we then took a trip to the London Aquarium! It was a lovely day out in London.

Here with the latest summer releases from Little Tiger Press:

Nibbles: The Book Monster
By Emma Yarlett

Beware! There's a book eating monster on the loose and he's causing mayhem and mischief!  Will you be able to help catch him? Mr Nibbles, a naughty but cute monster has nibbled his way through the book and other fairy tales; children will have fun lifting flaps and peering through holes and following the destruction left by Nibbles. Help catch this cheeky little monster in this delightful and very funny read!
You can find a full review here.

The Great Aaa-Ooo!
By Jonny Lambert

I have had the pleasure of reviewing two of Jonny Lambert's books already; Little Why and I Love you More and More (illustrated only). He has a very distinct style which I love. The Great Aaa-Ooo! features a mouse, owl, bear, moose and wolf cub who are all very scared; it's dark and something is making a terrible noise! Is it a monster? Join the animals to help solve the mystery.

With a fun lyrical text, this is a great bedtime story and for reassuring little ones of the dark! Beautifully illustrated animals and funny going ons, children and adults will love it! Available in shops mid-August and online here.

There's No Such Thing as a Snappenpoop
By Jeanne Willis
Illustrated by Matt Saunders

Big brothers beware! This is a delightfully wicked, cautionary tale. Little Brother is desperate to play with Big Brother as he always plays the best game, but if you have ever had an older sibling, they don't always want to play with you. Big Brother wants to get rid of him and tells him to fetch a unicorn, a flying lion and even a Snappenpoop but there's no such thing as a Snappenpoop... or is there?

Packed full with magical creatures, children will be enjoy this story, especially when the bossy big Brother gets his comeuppance! Be warned, older siblings! Available in bookshops soon and online here.

Paws McDraw
By Connah Brecon

Join Paws McDraw, the fastest doodler in the west, he can draw himself out of trouble any day. However when the Rascally Racoon Gang come to town and start ruining the bunnies' cupcake carnival, will Paws McDraw be able to save the day or has he met his match? Or will he need a little help from his friends?

This fun western themed story will have your little ones cheering on Paws McDraw to save the day. With a comic book feel, brightly coloured illustrations and cute little bunnies, what more could you want. Yee-haw! Available in bookshops soon and online here.

The Messy Book
By Maudie Powell-Tuck
Illustrated by Richard Smythe

Naughty Cat, she has made a huge mess of the book and won't tidy up, no matter how many times Dog asks her. She tries to hide it, jump on it, anything but tidy it away. Poor Dog, he offers to help Cat tidy it away but when the mess explodes out of the hoover, Dog has had enough, it's time to tidy up! Just in time for a party. And the morale of the story, it's easier to tidy up straight away and not let the mess get bigger and worse, it's never fun to tidy up a bigger mess!

I think I can relate to the Cat, there's always those days when you just can't face tidying up and I wish I could hide the mess! With just large speech bubbles, the conversation between the Cat and Dog is hilarious and the illustrations work so well. The Messy Book is very funny, though hopefully it won't give your little ones ideas on not tidying up their toys!
Available in bookshops soon and online here.

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