Thursday, 7 July 2016

Professor Astro Cat’s Intergalactic Activity Book

Professor Astro Cat’s Intergalactic Activity Book

By Ben Newman & Zelda Turner
Published by Flying Eye Books

Calling all Space Cadets! Think you know your asteroid from your comet? Now you have the chance to flex those brain cells and test your space knowledge using this new out of this world activity book! 

Packed with amazing experiments and thrilling facts, this Intergalactic Activity Book offers a universe of excitement, and is bursting with ideas for a future at the frontiers of space! You'll find all kinds of activities and quizzes donning each page. From designing your own space patch to keeping a moon journal and even learning the NATO phonetic alphabet! After you've successfully completed it you'll be on the next mission to Mars before you know it. 

There is loads here to keep any child busy this Summer. The activities are separated into different parts, which is a great idea for keeping track of progress and setting goals for completion. And unlike some activity books, this is just a beauty to look at. Full of Ben Newman's great illustrations, each page is beautifully crafted. You certainly won't find a better activity this side of the galaxy. 

Professor Astro Cat’s Intergalactic Activity Book is available to buy now from all good bookshops and from the Flying Eye Books website. And in case you missed it, you can get in on the activity action and win a whole heap of Professor Astro Cat goodies by entering the 'Robot Pet' competition I announced yesterday. Full details on how to enter are here. Good luck!

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