Monday, 6 February 2017

Follow the Trail... Minibeasts & Baby Dinosaurs

Follow the Trail...
Minibeasts & Baby Dinosaurs

Published by DK Press
DK will be releasing a lovely collection of board books aimed at ages 1 plus, later this month. The Follow the Trail range includes Trucks, Farm, Wild Animals, Baby Animals, Minibeasts and Baby Dinosaurs; a series that aims to make early learning fun and exciting for curious pre-schoolers.

These tactile books offer peepholes for little fingers, colourful and textured finger trails, big and colourful illustrations which are paired with simple facts. There are also trails that teach children about shapes, matching and sorting.

Follow the Trail Minibeasts focuses on four insects that can be found in your garden or in the park. I showed these two books to my daughter Aoife, who at 2 and a half, got stuck right in exploring the trails and pointing out what she could find. Aoife keeps returning to these books as there are lots of areas to talk about and explore.
Follow the Trail Baby Dinosaurs has a similar layout to Minibeasts and focusses on four different dinosaurs, it also offers the breakdown of the name which will help children and adults pronounce their names correctly. Children are asked to follow the trails to help the baby dinosaurs find their mummy or daddy.

Aoife was a big fan of the baby dinosaurs, so this book is definitely not just for boys. She enjoyed pointing out the shapes which had objects inside them such as an egg and a volcano which led to questions being asked. These were definitely a hit with her.

These are books that can be brought out again and again as your toddler grows more curious; from just looking at the bright pictures and feeling the textured surfaces to learning the shapes and instructions, and finding out more about the interesting subjects. These books can be explored over and over again.

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