Thursday, 23 February 2017

Let's Find Fred

Let's Find Fred

By Steve Lenton
Published by Scholastic

Let's Find Fred is the latest new book by Steve Lenton; with a novelty cover (moving eyes), a fun pull out finale, children will enjoy trying to spot this adventure seeking, black and white panda, named Fred.

It's night time at the Garden City Zoo but Fred is not ready for bed, he wants to have an adventure. With Stanley the zookeeper, hot on his heels, Fred makes his escape. Fred enjoys a visit to the City Market, a concert, trying ice cream but he's still not ready for bed time. With Stanley catching up, Fred makes a dash into the Pand-A-Maze, where there is a lot of panda distractions for the zookeeper. The funfair is the next stop for this cheeky panda and trying clouds of candy floss. Finally Stanley chases Fred into the biggest panda party, the Panda-Monium Ball! There are pandas everywhere but we finally catch up to Fred. What an adventure for this fun loving panda.

Aimed at ages 3+, children will enjoy trying to spot this naughty Panda but watch out, there's lots of distracting black and white, panda shapes which will make spotting Fred that little bit harder. The pages are filled with brightly coloured illustrations and cute pandas everywhere. With lots of different scenes, there's so much going on that you will end up spotting different things each time you read it.

Let's Find Fred is out and about in all good book shops, for more info, please click here.

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