Thursday, 15 June 2017

Rainbow & Opposites

Rainbow & Opposites

Designed by Jane Cabrera
Published by Templar Publishing

Jane Cabrera's I Can See a Rainbow, is a beautiful and colourful die-cut board book that reflects the shape of a rainbow. Each page spread focuses on a colour of the rainbow and has sweet illustrations that are labelled for little ones to point out and name.

Jane Cabrera has a distinctive style creating cute characters that works well for this pretty board book. Each page features a range of creatures within each colour theme.  I love the rainbow shaped pages and they're also good for little fingers to turn the pages. A lovely book of colours.

Opposites is just as cute as Jane Cabrera's Rainbow but with a slight difference. This sweet board book has lift the flaps for children to see the opposite. I believe by allowing children to interact with the pages helps them take it in and have an early understanding of opposites or can be a good starting point.

Each page has different shaped flaps and some pages offer more than one. With a variety of illustrated backgrounds and animals included, there's some good talking points for adults and children to discuss. But its definitely another lovely board book for little ones to explore.

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