Thursday, 22 June 2017

Walk This Wild World

Walk This Wild World

Illustrated by Sam Brewster
Written by Kate Baker
Published by Big Picture Press

Walk This Wild World is a stunningly illustrated, lift-the-flap board book. Each page spread explores a new habitat and country and offers a variety of animals, reptiles and insects, and even plant life. Flaps of different sizes are spread out and offer interesting facts.

Sam Brewster's graphic style is distinctive and works extremely well with this style of book. From Peccaries and Kangaroo rats in the Sonoran dessert, to the blue morpho, the largest butterfly in the Amazon. You'll discover a huge selection of creatures in a variety of countries such as the Serengeti, the Spanish wetlands, the windy coast of the Hebrides, a vast green Russian steppe, to the snowy Himalayan peaks among a few others. There is also a world map at the end to show the journey that you have taken.

Though Aoife may be too young to understand the facts, she is still enjoying this book, finding the flaps and trying to learn the animal names. It's one she likes to pick up daily.

It's a beautiful discovery book, that's high quality, that any young or old animal lover will enjoy exploring!

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