Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Stormy Night

Stormy Night

By Salina Yoon
Published by Bloomsbury


If you or your little ones are scared by thunder and storms, then this little book is a lovely way to help ease their worries. And if you're familiar with Bear and Floppy from Found by Salina Yoon, then you’ll enjoy being reunited with this little Bear and his bunny.



It’s one stormy night and Bear cannot sleep, what with all the wind whirring and trees crackling. He sings to Floppy, his toy bunny which makes him feel better but then the thunder rumbles and startles Bear. Bear’s Mama and Papa come to check on him but they’re also both scared by the storm. Bear kisses Mama’s nose to comfort her and tickles Papa’s ear to make him laugh, which helps Bear feel better and forget about the storm that's raging outside. He even reads a book to Floppy to make sure Floppy isn’t scared but then…BOOM!, a loud sound of thunder reminds Bear about the storm and it’s his Mama and Papa who help ease his worries and sing him a song. And it isn’t long before they’re all fast asleep. 



Salina Yoon is the author and illustrator of nearly two hundred innovative novelty books for young children and as you can see in Stormy Night, her style is bold, bright and energetic with the bear characters being big and filling the pages allowing young children to easily focus on them. This is a very simple but lovely tale showing the love and thoughtfulness of a little bear, who himself is very scared, but wants to make sure that his Mama, Papa and friend are all okay first. Stormy Night will make a lovely bed time story as it shows that even storms need their sleep and so do little bears. 


Stormy Night comes out on the 15th January but can be pre-ordered from Bloomsbury direct.

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