Tuesday, 27 January 2015

This book just ate my dog!

This book just ate my dog!

By Richard Byrne
Published by Oxford University Press

Wanted! Nice reader to show this naughty book who’s boss!

This book just ate my dog! Written and illustrated by Richard Byrne is very funny and young children will love that they are needed to help save the day! The story starts with a little girl called Bella taking a stroll across the page with her dog. But a very odd thing happened, her dog disappeared! The book had eaten it! 

And when Bella’s friend Ben comes to have a look he disappears too! Even when the rescue services come to investigate, they vanish. What on earth is happening? Peril lurks within the centre of this book.

There’s only one thing to do, Bella must go and sort this out herself. So Bella walks to the centre to try and sort this mess out, but…BURP… the book eats Bella too! What a naughty book this is. But all is not lost, a note appears with instructions from Bella on how to help them. 

Readers must turn the book over and shake and SHAKE! Bella, her dog and everyone else all reappear and everything is back to normal, well almost - Phew! This picture book is fun and original with the book itself becoming the villain! I really like the simple concept and the interactive element to it which children will love. Aimed at ages 2+, this will be great for bedtime and any nursery/pre-school setting - especially with getting all the children to get involved in shaking the book.

The illustrations are simple - the background is the same on every page which allows little ones to focus clearly on Bella and others. The text is orange and bold which stands out and works well with the overall aesthetic appearance. An overall fun, witty and original read, but be warned, it might just eat you! This book just ate my dog! is out now in paperback in all good bookshops and on the Oxford University Press website.

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