Sunday, 25 January 2015


Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar

By Emily MacKenzie 
Published by Bloomsbury

As an owner of two naughty, mischievous bunnies, I love reading any books about rabbits and this book is one is a breath of fresh air. Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar is the debut book by Emily MacKenzie and as everyone knows or would imagine, rabbits like to dream about lettuce, carrots and juicy dandelions (I know mine do) but not Ralfy, all Ralfy dreams about is books! He's definitely not your normal everyday bunny.

Ralfy loves books, making constant lists about books, his favourite books, books he wants to read, what he thinks others should read and rates them all with a score of carrots (what else?). Ralfy loves getting lost in stories, exploring new worlds and even the smell of books. Doesn’t everyone?! But then Ralfy starts creeping into people’s bedrooms and reading their books, and this soon leads to Ralfy stealing them and becoming a BOOK THIEF!

Ralfy then finds Arthur’s bookshelf and starts taking his books, but when he steals Arthur’s The Biggest Book of Monsters Ever, Arthur notices his favourite book has disappeared. Who would do such a thing? Unluckily for Ralfy that his left behind half eaten carrots and soggy lettuce leaves give him away. Arthur makes a plan to try and catch the book thief and late that night, he hears a rustle, grabs his torch and spots Ralfy but Ralfy is too quick and escapes. Arthur tells everyone but no one believes him, especially a rabbit stealing books. He even calls the police station to report the incident but the police man laughs at him.

However, that night Ralfy the Book Burglar burrows into the wrong house, it turns out to be the policeman’s house and is caught red handed. Arthur is called into the police station to identify him. Ralfy is very sorry and is ordered to return all of the stolen books. Arthur feels sorry for Ralfy and shows him where he can find lots of books to read and borrow.. the Library!

This is an adorable story for any little book lover and encourages a love for libraries - Emily MacKenzie is a huge advocate of libraries and with the recent cuts, this is a great way to remind children and adults about the joy of books.

With the use of Ink, watercolour and pencil, the illustrations are fun and sweet. The bunnies are adorable and adults will enjoy the rabbit related book titles in Ralfy’s book lists. A lovely bedtime story or perfect for celebrating National Libraries Day (commencing Saturday 7th February), children will love this naughty bunny (and all bunny lovers).

I don’t think this is the last we’ve heard of Ralfy Rabbit, look out for more from Ralfy in 2016. You can buy Wanted! Rally Rabbit, Book Burglar from the Bloomsbury shop here.

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