Wednesday, 5 August 2015



By Tracey Corderoy and Illustrated Tim Warnes
Published by Little Tiger Press

There’s some great picture books coming out from Tiger Press this month and next, Tracey Corderoy and Tim Warnes have just brought out another Archie book called MORE! A great sequel to No! and Why? I was lucky enough to meet Tracey and Tim at a recent Tiger Press event and it was great to chat about the book progress as well as letting Aoife dress her own little Archie. This is the perfect tale for families with strong-willed toddlers who just want More!

Meet Archie, a busy little rhino. When Archie is playing, he has to have more rockets, more platforms and more towers until CRASH! It doesn’t stop Archie from wanting more slices of cake, and finishing the whole thing or at bed time, wanting more story time. Whatever Archie liked, he liked it a lot and wanted more, more and more! 

So when Archie is invited to a fancy dress party, he plans to make the best costume ever with more streamers and more glitter than anyone else. Archie’s costume sure wows everyone but having the biggest costume means Archie can’t catch up with everyone running around. He can’t bounce like everyone else and is just too big to join in and get birthday cake. Archie soon becomes stuck and it’s up to his friends to help him out. In this case maybe “more” was too much except when it comes to having more friends!

It’s great to meet Archie again and Tracey Corderoy has sure captured the antics of a strong willed toddler - parents and little ones will be able to relate. Tim Warnes’ illustrations work fantastically with Tracey Corderoy’s text, they are hilariously funny and Archie is adorably cute even when wanting more and more.

More! is a great sequel to No! and Why? I can’t wait to see what is next from Archie! More! is available in all good bookshops and online here.

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