Wednesday, 5 August 2015

No More Cuddles!

No More Cuddles!

By Jane Chapman
Published by Little Tiger Press

I would imagine that everyone likes a hug now and then, but Barry, an adorable soft and fluffy Bigfoot, is constantly smothered in cuddles and would just like to be left alone. From the best-selling and very talented author and illustrator Jane Chapman, No More Cuddles! Is out now.

Barry lived deep in the forest and enjoyed strolling about on his own and listening to the birds, but he was never alone for long. Every morning, Barry would be smothered in cuddles by all of the woodland animals. Barry is fed up being smoothed and stroked all the time. He tries a disguise but the animals see through it straight away and when he puts on an angry face, well the animals think he needs an extra big cuddle. 

Barry has a plan and paints a huge sign - WANTED: comforting creature for cosy cuddles. Could this be you? Lots of animals turn up, but none of them are right for the job, they are either too tiny, too stinky or too spiky - that's until Barry finds Bear. Bear is perfect and when Barry calls the animals to see if they want a hug, he thinks they will run to Bear, but instead they run straight pass Bear and rush to Barry. The animals all throw themselves at Barry, who wibbled and wobbled and then went SPLAT! They had fallen straight into a yucky swamp. Barry is no longer fluffy and snuggly and they soon hop off to get clean…leaving Barry finally all by himself!

Jane Chapman has created a very sweet but funny picture book about a lovable monster who has just had enough of hugs. The illustrations are big and captures Barry as very huggable - I wouldn’t mind a hug from Barry! I especially love the rabbits, poor Barry, he never gets a break from them.

If you didn’t already know, Jane Chapman is married to Tim Warnes, illustrator of the recently reviewed More! These are two very talented people. I definitely recommend checking out their website as there’s lots of fun stuff to do and download.

No More Cuddles! is recommended for ages 3+ and children will love Barry and his attempts to find a little peace and quiet. Available in all good book shops and online here.

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