Tuesday, 4 August 2015

How Many Legs?

How Many Legs?

By Katja Spitzer
Published by Flying Eye Books

I love this beautiful little counting book. It has this gorgeous retro feel and reminds me of the smaller books I used to read when I was a child. As always, Flying Eye Books have presented this new title as a lovely small hardback, and it simply feels like a piece of art.

How Many Legs? is the perfect introduction of numbers to young children. The book is made up of two parts; the first part teaches the reader to count up to ten. This is done graphically, using bold numbers and Katja's retro style illustrations. You'll find 1 Unicorn, 3 ice creams, 6 robots and 8 legs (attached to a stylish looking spider in his web). 

The second part of the book carries on to encourage the reader to flex their new found counting abilities and answer how many cowboys or How many scary Monsters? An inventive choice to help children learn in an entertaining way.

Katja's illustrations are reminiscent of the type of illustrations I grew up with, with a use of a limited colour palette which makes this little book retro chic! Even the pages have a vintage feel to them, and the layout of the text and illustrations just brings old memories flooding back. 

This is surely the perfect addition to any future budding mathematicians out there, and an absolute joy to flick through time and time again. How Many Legs? Is out this August, for more information visit the Flying Eye Books website.

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