Monday, 21 September 2015

Pirates in Pyjamas

Pirates in Pyjamas

Written by Caroline Crowe and Illustrated by Tom Knight
Published by Little Tiger Press

Ever wondered if Pirates wear pyjamas? Well jump on board for this delightful and very funny book by new author, Caroline Crowe. Illustrated by the talented illustrator, Tom Knight, this is a great bed time picture book for any little pirates of your own.

When getting ready for bed, have you ever wondered if pirates wear pyjamas? Well these two little boys do. Would they wear stripy ones with a skull and crossbones on? Oh no, that’s not at all what they wear. We’re taken onto the Leaky Parrot, where these pirates wear brightly coloured pyjamas, some are knitted with pom-poms on, some have spots, some are fluffy and have frilly sleeves. But before they wear their pyjamas, its time for a bath where the crew make shark fins with shampoo in their hair. 

And when they’re dry and dressed in their pyjamas, they throw pyjamas parties every single night which is of course followed by pillow fights. All tired out, its time for bed where they drink their milk with their curly whirly straws. It’s not long before peaceful pirate snores can be heard. So if you want to be a pirate, you just need your pyjamas and a bed to climb aboard.

This is a lovely first book by Caroline Crowe -It's a hilarious rhyming romp and goes wonderfully with the large page filled illustrations that are bright, colourful  and filled with cheeky pirates. I really enjoyed this bed time story and children and adults alike will definitely laugh out loud at these pirates’ bedtime antics. Recommended for ages 3+, jump aboard this pirate book for the funniest pirate pyjama party ever! Available in all good bookshops and online here.

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