Friday, 4 September 2015

Katie McGinty Wants a Pet!

Katie McGinty Wants a Pet!

By Jenna Harrington and illustrated by Finn Simpson
Published by Little Tiger Press

Jenna Harrington’s debut book, Katie McGinty Wants a Pet! will resonate with any child who has ever wanted a pet and for any parents who have been nagged for one! This debut book is funny and concerns a little girl wanting a very unusual pet though the front cover does give it away.

Katie McGinty desperately wants a pet, more than anything in the whole wide world. Finally she's big enough and drags her Daddy, excitedly, to the pet shop. Her Daddy wants to know what kind of pet she wants and suggests normal pets, such as a hamster, or a cat, or even a little dog like granny’s, but no, no, no, that’s not what Katie McGinty wants at all. What Katie McGinty wants more than anything is a ZEBRA! 

Katie’s Daddy shakes his head in disbelief and explains to Katie that they can’t have a zebra because they live in Africa where it’s hot and it’s far too cold here. But Katie has it all thought out and replies that Granny can knit the zebra a warm, wooly jumper and he can wear Mummy’s ski boots. Daddy doesn’t think they can buy a zebra in a pet shop and asks Katie what they would feed him, where would he sleep and how would they wash him, as they have too small a garden and he can’t sleep in the shed.. but Katie has thought this through and replies that the Zebra will eat their dinner; fish fingers and spaghetti with them at the table. He will sleep in her bunk bed and she knows he won’t fit in the bath but she can wash him at the swimming pool. 

When they reach the pet shop, Katie’s Daddy explains that he knows she really, really wants a zebra but they just can’t have one… However we notice that on the pet shop window are signs that read "special sale", and when they exit the pet shop, they exit with not just one zebra but two zebras!! Lucky Katie, it was a buy one zebra, get one free day!

Katie McGinty Wants a Pet! is a funny and fantastical tale about wanting a pet. It’s filled with lovely, warm and fun illustrations with a charming feel to the book. Jenna Harrington has captured the characteristics of children so well, as children always have an answer for everything and especially when they want something very much. This book is recommend for ages 3+ and is perfect for any animal loving child. Available in all good bookshops and online here.

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