Monday, 21 September 2015

Pom Pom the Champion

Pom Pom the Champion

Written and illustrated by Sophy Henn
Published by Puffin

Pom Pom is back! Soppy Henn returns with her third book featuring the adorable Pom Pom. Her previous book, Pom Pom gets the Grumps, was reviewed here if you’ve not met this little panda before. (  Pom Pom the Champion features more toddler drama where Pom Pom discovers just how much he likes to win.

One morning Pom Pom didn’t know what to do with himself until his mummy suggested that they play a game. Pom Pom wins and realises just how much he liked being the winner. He won at not being the tallest or the  shortest, the first to finish his food and the first to get ready to go out. At the supermarket he packed the shopping bag the fastest and read his book the fastest at the library. 

When he gets to the playground, his friends ask Pom Pom to play scooters with them but Pom Pom warns them that he’s winning everything today. But Pom Pom doesn’t win that game as his friends fly pass him. Another friend suggests playing on the swings and Pom Pom bets he can go the highest, but his friends swing higher. Pom Pom has had enough and wants to go and win on his own but he soon realises its not that fun playing by yourself and he isn’t very happy at all. His friends join him once again and suggest a race but a race that they can all win together - a four legged race! 

Sophy Henn returns with her trademark bright, contemporary illustrations and her adorable cute characters. And like her previous two books, I love her colour palette, her pages are filled with colour and not a white background in sight. This funny and sweet book will strike a chord with parents and young children alike, about how its not always about being the best! 

I love Pom Pom and I hope this in not the last we’ve seen of him! Available in hardback and paperback, you can find Pom Pom the Champion in all good bookshops and online here.

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