Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Sky Guys, The Safari Set, The Forest Folk, The Marine Team, The Jungle Crew, The Polar Pack

Mibo -
The Sky Guys, The Safari Set, The Forest Folk, The Marine Team, The Jungle Crew, The Polar Pack

By Madeleine Rogers
Text by Jason Hook
Published by Button Books

This month, Button Books are releasing this fun collection of animal books that feature simple but interesting facts about the animal or their habitat, bright and bold illustrations and the added bonus of paper animals to cut out and play with.

Within each book there are 2 spreads dedicated to each animal as well as fun facts. The Forest Folk features the red squirrel, wolves, brown bear, otters and deer. At the back of each book, children will find an envelope containing five paper animals to cut out with additional scenery, to play against an illustrated environment on the back of each book's dust jacket. 

The Polar Pack features penguins, walruses with massive tusks, a polar bear and her cubs, reindeer, and snowy owls. Each book has it's own colour theme that relates to their environment, for example, each page within The Polar Pack is filled with blue, grey and white, which works well in expressing the coldness and harsh conditions of where these animals can be found.

The Sky Guys offers a variety of feathery friends; the large albatross, pink flamingo, an owl, pelican and the beautiful hummingbird. I love the colours within this book. Aimed at ages 5+, younger children would still enjoy reading and looking through these books however they would struggle with assembling the characters. The Jungle Crew, filled with lovely shades of green inside a leafy jungle, features swinging chimpanzees, screeching macaws, a hungry tiger, toucans hiding and jumping tree frogs.

The Safari Set is set in the scorching hot Savannah, where there are roaring lions, tall giraffes, intelligent elephants, a herd of zebras and water loving hippos. The Marine Team is the last book in the collection, set underwater, and with a scary great white shark on the front cover, and his many white, sharp teeth!! There's also turtles, seals, the giant blue whale, and rainbow coloured seahorses.

This is a lovely collection and I love the animal covers. The set is bold, graphical and colourful. But it's the back of the dust jackets that are great - each cover features a beautiful landscape that would make me want to play with the animals against! Designed and created by Madeleine Rogers, who started the company Mibo in 2001, she's had an interesting career that started with selling lampshades at Old Spitalfields Market in London. If interested in the series and would like to know more, please click here.

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