Sunday 10 April 2016

Nibbles the Book Monster

Nibbles the Book Monster

By Emma Yarlett
Published by Little Tiger Press

BEWARE!! There's a book eating monster, causing mischief and mayhem....and he's just escaped!

Meet Nibbles, he's rather a naughty little monster that likes to nibble on soap, socks, toes and clocks but his favourite thing is books. But this time he's managed to nibble his way into someone else's story. He causes havoc in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, scaring Goldilocks and making a mess in the Bear's house. He then lands himself in Little Red Riding Hood, steals her clock and basket of food, causes a hullabaloo and muddles the story completely up. Nibbles manages to escape again and nibbles his way into the Jack and the Beanstalk where he bites the giant's bum and manages to escape with the golden goose....but the golden goose drops Nibbles back into his cage. Quickly close the crate and lets hope he doesn't escape again...

Nibbles is a very cheeky monster, but still very cute. With a bright yellow cover that has nibbled out sections showing characters from the books, this book just grabs your attention. It features lift the flaps for the crate door so children can open and close to keep Nibbles in. There's also a double page spread filled with books so that children have to spot him. The inner stories, that Nibbles nibbles his way into, are featured on smaller pages within the book, which works really well in emphasising that it's a different book. There's also footprints and nibbled out holes throughout to show where the little monster has got to. This is lots of fun and children will love following Nibbles to see where he goes next and to help try and catch him.

Emma Yarlett's illustrations work really well in this book. Nibbles is simply illustrated but the book spreads and the stories within are great with lots of detail. Emma uses different styles to emphasise the different books that Nibbles is nibbling into. It's just so much fun and Emma has really captured this and the turmoil that Nibbles is causing.

Nibbles the Book Monster is for ages 3+, available in all good bookshops and online here. And if you fancy some Sunday activities, check out the Nibbles activity sheets available to download here.

Just when you think Nibbles is safely away in his crate, children will find a hole in the back cover... Uh oh, not again!!

Stay tuned for competition time!!!

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