Thursday, 21 April 2016

Wild Animals of the North

Wild Animals of the North

By Dieter Braun
Published by Flying Eye Books

This wild book is the latest treat from Flying Eye Books; Wild Animals of the North is a stunning illustrated book that showcases some of the most magnificent and endangered creatures inhabiting the northern hemisphere. It's a refreshing look at the animal themed book, with highly detailed and stylised illustrations. Concentrating on animals that younger children may not be familiar with (no cows and sheep in this title!). Helping broaden a child's knowledge of animals in more unfamiliar parts of the globe. 

Wild Animals of the North focuses on North America, Europe and Asia. From each region a selection of animals have been beautifully illustrated, as well as their habitats. The animals' name is given alongside it's Latin name and a selection of animals have detailed and interesting facts. 

From the Bald Eagle, Mountain Goat, Orca, Blue-Footed Booby or the Wolf of North America, each region offers an interesting and varied selection of animals. There's also an index at the back with a small illustration of each animal, and offers a clear overview of the animals covered.

This book is definitely a delight for the eyes. Dieter Braun has a geometrical style that works very well, especially in capturing the animal's character. With a colour palette of muted colours, he captures the often harsh landscapes that these animals live in. Aimed at the older child, younger ones may enjoy looking at the pictures and adults too will appreciate the beauty of this book. However I believe that there is also a sadness to it, maybe this is due to the fact that some of these animals may indeed be extinct sooner than we think! 

Wild Animals of the North is a beautifully, illustrated book that would make a lovely gift for any animal lover, young or old. Available this month in all good book shops or online here

Look out for Wild Animals of the South, coming soon.

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