Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Happy Birthday Royal Baby

Happy Birthday Royal Baby

Written by Martha Mumford and Illustrated by Ada Grey 
Published by Bloomsbury



Well, I’m a little late in reviewing this book but with my thoughts now turning to my daughter’s first birthday it’s always good to remember that it’s the simple things babies love most! This is the second Royal Baby book, Shhh! Don’t Wake the Royal Baby! is the first in the series by author Martha Mumford.

The Royal Palace is awash with activity all because it's the Royal Baby’s first birthday and everything must be perfect. The cook is busy making the biggest cake ever with lots of jam, as the Royal Baby loves jam. The banqueting hall is filled with hundreds of balloons and dinosaur shaped ones, as the Royal Baby loves dinosaurs. There’s a bouncy castle and the royal orchestra in the garden, because of course, the Royal Baby loves bouncing and loves music.



It’s soon time for the party to begin and guests have arrived from near and far carrying gifts of all shapes and sizes. At any birthday party, there’s always party games and in this royal case, there’s Pin the Tail on the Corgi and Musical Thrones (what else?). Everyone is having a lovely time except the birthday boy himself. Waaaaaaaaaah! He cried. The Royal Baby was not happy. No one knows what’s the matter with him - they thought they had remembered all the things the Royal Baby likes.



The prince’s grandad suggests opening presents and what a pile of presents there are - so many toys for the little prince but still he just continues to cry. But who better to know how to fix the situation than Grandma. Minutes later the Queen’s private jet flies overhead leaving a vapour trail with the message Happy Birthday Royal Baby. As everyone looks up, the prince stopped crying just as the Queen parachuted to the ground with a present strapped to her front. Handing over the present, the little prince tore off the paper to find a cardboard box with nothing inside. His parents are astonished but the Queen knows to wait and see… the Royal Baby bounced up and down excitedly and climbed inside with his dinosaur shaped balloon - he was finally happy. Now the prince was able to enjoy all the cake, bouncing and the music, and everyone was right, he did love all those things and had the most fun ever.



This picture book is bursting with cake, balloons, presents and corgis! There are corgis everywhere! And I imagine children will enjoy spotting the cute little dogs amongst the wrapping paper and toys. Each page is jam packed with bright and bold illustrations. I enjoyed the illustrated Royal family and family members of the Duchess. It’s a lovely way of introducing Prince George and the Royal family to young children - though hopefully your little ones won’t be expecting a party of this magnitude! And as ever, Corgi covered end papers! (drool!).



With Royal Baby number 2 due anytime soon, look out for the third Royal Baby book - Hooray! It’s a New Royal Baby! due this April 2015. I’m sure it will be a marvellous Royal read! Happy Birthday Royal Baby is available in all good bookshops and on the Bloomsbury website.

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  1. That is wonderful dear; I am planning to book a small party halls in Bay area for my event and have set the royal prince theme for the party. Hope my little man will like it. Any more ideas that can make party more fun for kid’s?