Tuesday, 10 March 2015


This is my Rock

By David Lucas
Published byFlying Eye Books

The latest release by Flying Eye Books is THIS IS MY ROCK by the talented David Lucas, a timeless story about sharing.



THIS IS MY ROCK is about a little goat claiming the top of a mountain top, he won’t even let the other goats anywhere near the top, saying 'Not your rock'. He warns off an eagle, a brown bear and even fights off a pack of wolves, telling everyone that ‘This is my rock. Not your rock.’ When the goat is finally alone, he enjoys some yodelling and some tippity tapping.


But being all alone isn’t all it's hyped up to be, especially at night when it’s very cold (and scary!). When the sun rises, little goat knows what he must do. He finds his friends and tells them that the rock is ‘Our rock.’ They soon race to the top where a little bird has now claimed it! Doh! I must admit that this is the first time that I have come across David Lucas’ work and wow, I adore his illustrative style and his use of patterns (going through a pattern phase at the moment). After reading about him on his website, I love his decorative style, and with this book being printed in 4 spot colours (a process that mixes pantone inks and prints in layers to create a unique colour palette), the book has a lovely style and appearance and that 'must have' feel about it!


I also recently read an interview with Lucas on the Nobrow site, where Lucas shares his stories of his 5 other brothers. He admits that the eldest goat in the story is his brother, who sadly passed away when he was in the middle of this book. It was only later on that he noticed that he'd given the oldest goat his brothers’ scarf - with the same colours as the one his brother wore throughout his twenties, which he had completely forgotten about. I highly recommend having a read over on the nobrow site.

THIS IS MY ROCK has a simple moral of sharing which would make a great gift for any young book lover but also for siblings! Things can be much more fun when they are shared with your friends. THIS IS MY ROCK is available now to buy on the Flying Eye Books website here.

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