Friday, 27 March 2015

The Great Cheese Robbery

The Great Cheese Robbery

Written and illustrated by Tim Warnes
Published by Little Tiger Press



In a lot of picture books, Dads are often portrayed as being very brave and strong, and are rarely scared of anything. That would be the case for The Great Cheese Robbery, however little Patrick soon learns that his Daddy is terrified of one very small little thing…


Patrick, a little elephant, knows he is very small compared to his big, strong Daddy. Patrick is scared of lots of things; like the dark, ghosts and even the fluff you find under the sofa. But not Daddy Elephant, he’s not scared of anything, but Patrick soon learns otherwise. Patrick often tries to scare his Daddy; jumping out of boxes and even dressing up as a monster. But no luck, until one day, there is a squeak at the front door. Patrick thought it was a tiny elephant but nope, “It’s a M-M-M-Mouse!”, cries his Daddy. The mouse announced himself as Cornelius J. Parker, a cheese inspector from the Cheese Inspection Council. He was there to inspect their cheese.

Cornelius J. Parker declares their cheese is very dangerous and calls in reinforcements. It’s not long before more mice have turned up at the door stating they are there for the fridge. Daddy Elephant is hiding behind the couch, too terrified, and isn’t much help in stopping these mice. And innocent Patrick is still under the impression that these mice are there on health and safety grounds. But when more mice turn up at the door, its clear they have a dastardly plan as Cornelius orders them to take everything!


It wasn’t just the fridge the mice were stealing, it was the telly, the phone and even Patrick’s toys. They even attempt to take the couch which Patrick’s Daddy sat quivering on. Patrick can’t stop them, when suddenly, who should arrive but Mummy Elephant. Patrick’s mummy asked what was going on but she doesn’t believe Cornelius’ lies. She demands them to put her husband down or else! But the mice are too bold to take any notice - so Mummy Elephant takes a big breath and blows the mice all around the room. The mice are soon scared and rush to follow her orders.


So in this case, though Daddy Elephant is big and very strong, it’s actually Mummy Elephant who is the bravest. So very true! The Great Cheese Robbery is very funny and would make the perfect book for reassuring any children coping with phobias!

The quirky illustrations are big and fun - look out for the title page, you'll get a glimpse of a little mouse putting on a disguise - a big hint for the mayhem and trouble that is on its way! Children will love these mischievous mice, and mums will like that it’s up to Mummy to save the day (isn't it always?). There’s no doubt that you won’t enjoy this cheesy tale. The Great Cheese Robbery, recommended for 3 years and over is available in all good book shops and online here.

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