Thursday, 19 March 2015

Mummy’s Little Sunflowers

Mummy’s Little Sunflowers

Written by Angela McAllister, Illustrated by Alison Edgson
Published by Little Tiger Press



A belated Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday! It was my first Mother’s Day and I felt very lucky, I was able to have a lie in and didn’t have to cook, a very nice day indeed. If you have young children, Mummy’s Little Sunflowers is a lovely little book for this time of the year, and one that explores the unique relationship between siblings. Mummy’s Little Sunflowers is the latest book from Angela McAllister and Alison Edgson. 


Little Scurry has a sunflower seed from nursery which he plans to grow for his mummy but
disaster strikes when his little brother, Scamp, eats his only seed. With a little advice from a blackbird, they’re off in search of another seed. On their way, Scamp gets confused about what a sunflower looks like and its up to Scurry to explain and show him. But sunflowers are very tall and with the help from a cow, they get a lift to the top of the flower. There’s lots of seeds to munch, and once full, they gather seeds to take home.


Scurry shows Scamp how to plant the seed and explains what is needed to help the seed grow. After dinner, little Scamp rushes out to the garden where he lets out a wail, Scurry and his mother go running to see what’s the matter. Scamp doesn’t understand it can take quite a while for a seed to grow, and their Mummy explains that flowers needs lots of sun and rain to grow. Scurry has an idea and takes Scamp upstairs where their Mummy can hear lots of giggling. Scurry and Scamp are dressed as sunflowers, a lovely surprise just for their Mummy.

This sweet little mice tale would be great for siblings, showing how patience and guidance can sometimes be needed for younger brothers and sisters. It’s also a great book to read in Spring time to help little ones understand about planting and growing seeds. The illustrations are big and bright, while the characters are cute and large allowing little ones to spot and focus on them. The story flows well and Mummies and little ones will enjoy this sweet tale of one big adventure for two little mice.


Mummy’s Little Sunflowers is available to buy now from all good bookshops and online from Little Tiger Press.


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