Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hungry Roscoe

Hungry Roscoe

By David J. Plant  
Published by Flying Eye Books

Flying Eye Books never disappoint with their titles. Hungry Roscoe had me sold just on the cover alone! The title made up from various pieces of fruit, meats and donuts, made me as hungry as Roscoe (my tummy is rumbling as I write this!).

This new title is the debut picture book of David J. Plant, an illustrator from Hong Kong that grew up in Cyprus and that now lives in Bristol (a great way to globe-trot!). David currently works for CBBC doing illustration for CBeebies. I recommend taking a look at his blog as his work is fantastic. 

Roscoe isn't your typical picture book hero. He's a naughty, mischievous raccoon who doesn't give up easily - everyone loves a chancer! The story begins with Roscoe becoming fed up with eating out of trash cans. Why eat junk food when there's mouthwatering fruit or a nice fresh fish to be had? And where on earth is there lots of yummy fresh food? The Zoo, as he friend Benjy points out. So Roscoe, being the daring raccoon he is, visits the zoo. And unsurprisingly he isn't welcomed with open arms, with the zookeeper literally booting him out and telling him not to return. 

But Roscoe doesn't give up that easily! Of course he has a foolproof plan that will bag him all that lovely nosh. And using some items he's found in the trash, he transforms himself into a tortoise. He sneaks back into the zoo and waits to be fed with the other tortoises, but the zookeeper isn't that easily fooled, with Roscoe being shown the door once again. 

After a second failed attempt as a Penguin, Roscoe is befriended by some cheeky monkeys with the promise of their dinner in return for the zookeeper's keys. This turns out to rage havoc across the zoo as the naughty monkeys free all the zoo animals who chase the visitors here, there and everywhere. But at least Roscoe filled his tummy! 

With David's loose illustrative style and retro colour palette, and the story being reminiscent of cartoon shows such as Yogi Bear, I really enjoyed Hungry Roscoe - another lovely presented picture book from Flying Eye Books. Hungry Roscoe is available to buy in all good bookshops and online on Flying Eye Books website.

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