Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Lemur Dreamer

Lemur Dreamer

By Courtney Dicmas  
Published by Templar Publishing

Louis the lemur is a sleepwalker. And although sleepwalking may seem to be uneventful, Louis leads his friends on quite an adventure! 

Louis is a resident of 32 Pebbly Lane, he lives there with an array of other animal residents. Louis lives on the top floor, and every night he has the habit of sleepwalking through all the other apartments - much to the annoyance of the other residents. But being the good friends that they are, they put up with his sleepwalking antics. 

One night Louis ends up taking a wrong turn and ends up walking out on a washing line, right out on to Pebbly Lane causing quite a stir. The residents of Pebbly Lane decide that his sleepwalking is getting out of hand and decide that they should follow him to see where his sleepwalking legs take him. They bravely follow Louis outside of Pebbly Lane, across power cables and nearly off a cliff! Luckily they grab him in time and he finally wakes up exclaiming of the amazing dreams he'd had and totally unaware of his sleepwalking. Of course he feels terrible when he realises the trouble he's caused his good friends, but they explain they love him anyway! And to stop Louis causing himself any further harm they buy him a little present that lets him sleepwalk at ease. 

The first thing that caught my eye was the bold cover on Lemur Dreamer, the paperback has a stunning shiny foil moon, with foil stars, perfect for magical night-time reading. Courtney Dicmas' illustrations are bold and colourful (a style that runs throughout all her books), mostly created with watercolour washes and coloured pencil. I found Lemur Dreamer very entertaining, with lots of laughs and quirky illustrations. The book also has a strong message too; good friends look out for you, no matter what. Check out the great trailer below.

Lemur Dreamer is available to buy now from all good bookshops and online from Templar Publishing.

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