Thursday, 23 April 2015

Poppy Pickle

Poppy Pickle

By Emma Yarlett  
Published by Templar Publishing

Poppy Pickle is the latest picture book from author & illustrator, Emma Yarlett. It's Emma's third self authored title with Templar Publishing and what a corker it is.

You might have guessed from the title that the story focusses around a little girl called Poppy. Like most children her age, Poppy has a BIG imagination. Her parents aren't too impressed with Poppy's vivid imagination, with cat's being thrown on her dad's head in an attempt to make them fly. 

When her parents can tolerate her no more, Poppy gets sent to her room and its not long until Poppy lets her imagination run away with her. But this time there's a slight difference to what her mind conjures up, Poppy learns that whatever she thinks up can become ALIVE! What an incredible, amazing, magical ability. She first imagines a flying pig, then she starts imagining all kinds of things; big things, small things, far and inbetween and back to front and upside down things. Before long, Poppy's room in jam packed with everything she's imagined. Problem is that she should really be tidying her room, and as Poppy gets more and more carried away, things start to go very, very wrong. 

An angry mammoth alerts her parents by putting its foot through the floor, and to make things worst a croc is trying to have her for its lunch! Her parents make their way up to her room and Poppy has to act fast to get rid of everything. She tries un-imagining all her creatures but it makes things worst. She then has the bright idea of erasing them with a huge rubber, but with her parents banging on her door to let them in she needs a much faster way to make them disappear. And then it hits her, a DOOR! And quick as a flash she pushes them all through. Just in time for her parents to see the state of her now DESTROYED bedroom!

As always, Emma delivers with her brilliantly zany and colourful illustrations. The story is fun and you instantly love Poppy's over active imagination. With a lovely surprise ending, children and adults will adore this third picture book exclusively with Templar.     

Poppy Pickle will be available to buy next month from all good bookshops and from Templar Publishing. Read my interview with Emma here to find out more about the world of Poppy Pickle!

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