Thursday, 9 April 2015

You Are My Baby: Meadow

You Are My Baby: Meadow

By Lorena Siminovich
Published by Chronicle Books

You Are My Baby: Meadow is the latest title in this board book series. Previous titles include Safari, Farm, Garden, Ocean, Pets and Woodland. These two-in-one books, with a small book nestled within a bigger book, allows little ones to match the baby animals with their parents; a lovely early learning concept.

Meadow includes a bluebird, rabbit, sheep, mouse and hen, which are within the large book while their babies are within the little book. The little book also includes the repeated phrase of ‘You are my baby, little……’, while the larger book includes sentences such as ‘You discover new things’, ‘You grow so fast’ and ending on ‘You dream sweet dreams’ paired with a sleeping lamb.

I like the concept of this book and the series looks lovely. Aoife, my 10 month old daughter, loves turning the pages on the little book, but I don’t think I would leave her on her own with this book just yet, as I would be worried of it tearing.

The illustrations are super cute, with the pictures made up of a collage of patterns. As mentioned on the back of this book, Lorena Siminovich is the creator of Petit Collage, which is a line of modern wall decor and accessories. This comes across as the book series has an aesthetically appealing look.

A lovely little book to read with toddlers, exploring animals and their young in a fun and playful way. The You Are My Baby range can be found in all good book shops but also online here.

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