Friday, 26 June 2015



By Lucy Tapper & Steve Wilson 
Published by Maverick Publishing

Hedgehugs is by husband and wife team, Steve Wilson and Lucy Tapper. This is their first published book and what an adorable little story it is. Ever wondered what happens to your missing socks, well this could be why!

Horace and Hattie are the best of friends and there are so many things they like to do together; making daisy chains, splashing in puddles, and having tea parties by the river. However there is one thing that they cannot do together, they cannot hug as they are just too spiky. Horace and Hattie try lots of ways to hug; rolling in snow but the hug is too cold, or squeezing in to a hollow log but the hug is too bumpy. 

Then one day they come across something very interesting, a washing basket. Horace comes across a very soft sock and after some investigation, he wriggles and jiggles himself into it, squeezing his head out of the heel. Hattie finds it very funny but then has an idea, and it isn’t long before Hattie is squeezed into a sock as well. Moving closer and closer together they finally hug! And it was the perfect hedgehug.

This is a charming tale and little ones will definitely love these two adorable hedgehogs. Hedgehugs is all about caring and friendships and the distance these two little friends will go to for a hug. The illustrations are simple but cute and I love all the different textures used throughout. 

You can learn more about the origins of Hedgehugs in the video below. It’s a short video of Steve and Lucy talking about how Hedgehogs came to be… I love how it all started with Lucy finding a use for her baby daughter’s clothes, scanning in all the lovely patterns, and creating these sweet little hedgehogs.

Hedgehugs can be purchased in all good bookshop or online at Maverick Publishing. And remember, next time if one of your socks goes missing, a hedgehug has happened!

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