Saturday, 20 June 2015

My Daddy Says

My Daddy Says

Written by Justine Smith and Illustrated by Angie Stevens  
Published by Campbell Books

My Daddy Says is a sweet, little chunky board book, perfect for little hands to hold. And with it being Father’s Day on Sunday, what a great book for little ones to read with their daddies. This second title follows My Mummy Says, and was published last year. A simple story that follows two friends throughout the day and what they get up to with their daddies.

Each page alternates between the two daddies and the little girl and boy. Covering the different activities that may happen in the day, from playing, breakfast, putting the washing out before both children are taken to the park where they regularly meet up to play. They stay until it’s almost dark and then its home time, where it’s time for a bath and a bed time story. 

My Daddy Says captures the impulsive nature of family life and has a lovely warm and humorous tone capturing the special relationship that exists between children and their daddies. 

The illustrations are simple but they capture the emotions and actions of the children well and come from illustrator Angie Stevens, who is also known for her real life family doodles on her Doodle Mum website. And due to Angie's observational daily doodles, children will easily recognise the settings and actions of the children and their daddies as they feel like they've been inspired by actual events.

The rhyming text is simple but I like the repetition of ‘This Daddy says…’ on each page, great for little ones to enjoy and join in. My Daddy Says is recommended for under-threes, and daddies of course. Available in all good bookshops and on the Pan Macmillan website.

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